Hot Sauce of the Month March 2017

Hot Chicana Hot Sauce: March 2017

hotsauceofthemonthclub.jpgMarch's Sauce of the Month is Sauce Crafter's brand new one called Hot Chicana. Although Hot Chicana is still hot, it is nowhere near as hot as last month's Unholy Trinity! I thought your mouth might want just a little reprieve after that one, but maybe your tastebuds are so hardened that it didn't faze you as much as it did me. If so, then my hat's off to you. 

Sauce Overview
But back to Hot Chicana. This sauce strives to be a classic, green Mexican-style sauce that features Jalapeno and Piquillo peppers, cilantro, onions, and garlic.  

Hot Chicana Fire Roasted Jalapeno Sauce Who Makes It
It just so happens that this sauce is made by Sauce Crafters, who also make the Widow No Survivors sauce that you received in January. I don't usually like to feature sauces from the same producers when possible--especially not this close together--but Hot Chicana is so new that it's not even on THEIR website yet. So I made an exception this month just could pretty much guarantee that you've never tried this sauce before. To refresh your memory about the folks at Sauce Crafters, they've been producing award-winning sauces for over 20 years and are based out of Florida. They tend to go make sauces with memorable names and labels, from Anal Angst to Satan's Blood--and Hot Chicana fits right in.  

What It Tastes Like

Hot Chicana is a smoky green sauce that doesn't contain any pepper extract and packs a lot of flavor. The piquillo peppers don't do anything in terms of heat, but they add a slight sweetness to the sauce in addition to more smoky undertones from the roasting. Jalapenos are also not known to be extremely hot peppers, but the smoky, veggie-like taste combined with the piquillos, cilantro, onions, and garlic give this sauce a fresh and festive flavor. 

Tip of the Month
I've found that mixing this sauce with some kind of cheese really brings out the smoky jalapeno flavor. You can mix about a tablespoon of Hot Chicana into some sour cream, or generously pour it over a block of cream cheese to make different types of dips for crunchy corn chips. It's also really good on a grilled cheese sandwich!

Thanks again for being a part of the club! See you next month!

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