Hot Sauce Depot is a large volume distributor of wholesale hot sauce. 

We maintain a substantial inventory, ordering in large volume to obtain the best possible prices directly from the manufacturers. This allows us to offer our complete line of hot sauces and specialty foods at extremely competitive wholesale pricing for your store, be it a small sideline in the corner or a large sauce-devoted store. This provides you with a single supplier for a wide list of brands and products, saving you substantially on shipping versus purchasing from multiple suppliers. Hot Sauce Depot already provides wholesale hot sauce to retailers and restaurants all around the world.

Standard or drop-ship?

We offer standard wholesale for physical storefronts, as well as the option to drop-ship phone and web orders that you receive. Our company drop-ships orders for our resellers on a daily basis, however, as there are special handling concerns for drop-shipping wholesale hot sauce orders, please contact us in advance to discuss this option.

No minimum order requirement for bonafide resellers.

Hot Sauce Depot does not have a minimum order requirement, but in order to support our resellers we work hard to ensure that only bonafide resellers are able to obtain wholesale pricing. To that end, please fill out our Wholesale Application below. We respond to most applications within 24 hours. If you are purchasing a large volume of product without the intent to resell, you may be eligible for wholesale pricing if your order exceeds $1000. Contact us for more information.

Apply Here

Once your wholesale account is established, you will be entered into our online system with wholesale access. This will allow you to place your orders directly via our website while obtaining wholesale prices, in addition to the option of ordering by fax or phone.

To apply for a wholesale account please complete the application below.

We look forward to working with you.


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