Mild Medium Sauce of the Month February 2017

High River Sauces Tears of the Sun: February 2017

hotsauceofthemonthclub.jpgFebruary's Mild/Medium Hot Sauce of the Month is High River Sauces Tears of the Sun, a medium-heat sauce made with Habanero peppers, peach, papaya, pineapple, mango, brown sugar and spices. 

Sauce Overview
Tears of the Sun is an all-natural, artisan hot sauce produced by High River Sauces, who are known for their unique flavor profiles and pepper combinations. This tropical-tasting sauce does not contain any extract and delivers a medium-level heat from the Habanero peppers. Here are just a few of the awards that Tears of the Sun has won: First Place Fruit-based Hot Sauce 2011 Hot Pepper Award, Best Over All Hot Sauce 2011 Hot Pepper Award, and First Place Caribbean Style Hot Sauce: 2014 World Championship Golden Chile Award.

High River Sauces Tears of the SunWho Makes It
Tears of the Sun is made by High River Sauces, which was founded in 2011 by Steve Seabury, veteran of the music industry and author of the cookbook Mosh Potatoes. Steve Seabury founded the NYC Hot Sauce Expo in 2013, which hosts the Screaming Mi Mi Awards and the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame, the California Hot Sauce Expo in 2015, and the Portland Hot Sauce Expo and Arizona Hot Sauce Expo in 2016.

What It Tastes Like

Tears of the Sun has a nice sweetness to it thanks to the blend of various tropical fruits. It's not super hot, so even your friends who "don't do spicy food" may want to give this one a try. It really complements white meats, such as chicken, pork and fish, but it also makes a unique dipping sauce for veggies and tortilla chips. "Tropical" is truly the best way to describe this flavor even if you can't quite put your finger on the exact fruits that your tasting. I can see Tears of the Sauce being on the table at a little taco shop that's right on the boardwalk looking out over the beach.

Tip of the Month
I don't have an actual recipe this month for y'all because this one is just so easy: Try Tears of the Sun on a bagel with cream cheese. It might sound a little odd, but your tastebuds will thank you! :)

Thanks again for being a part of the club! See you next month!

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