Processing Orders

When a customer orders one of your products, the order appears in the Orders list (Orders > Order list) section of your seller dashboard. There are two different statuses associated with each order: Fulfillment Status and Payment Status.

Types of Payment Statuses

Awaiting Payment: An order has been created, but it has not yet been paid for. You could see this if the customer selected an offline payment method such as Check by Mail. Do not ship an order that has not yet been paid for.

Paid: Payment has been captured, and the order has been paid in full.

Partially Paid: Only part of the total has been paid by the customer, or a partial refund has been issued.

Authorized: Payment has been authorized but not yet captured. The bank has put a hold on the requested amount, but the money has not been transferred to the merchant yet. You will need to capture this payment at the time of shipping.

Declined: The credit card processor attempted to charge the customer's card has failed and the order has been cancelled.

Cancelled: The order has been cancelled by the seller (you), and payment has been refunded to the customer in full. An order would be seen as Cancelled as opposed to Refunded if the order was never completed and marked as Paid.

Refunded: The order was completed and marked as Paid at one time, but now the payment has been refunded in full.

Types of Fulfillment Statuses

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