Requesting a Payout

As a seller, you accrue earnings per sale that fund your earning balance. Once you have reached the minimum amount to request a payout, you can request a payout of your earnings by submitting a payout request.

1. Click on the user icon in the upper, right-hand corner of your vendor dashboard, and select My profile from the drop-down menu.

2. Select My account on the left menu, and then click My transactions.

3. Your transactions are displayed in rows with your earning balance at the bottom. To request your payout, click the Request payout link next to your earning balance. Note that if your earning balance is below the minimum amount to request a payout, you will not see the Request payout link.

4. Depending on seller status, you may see a popup window that requests for the seller to upload an invoice to complete the payout request. If you receive this popup window, you will not be able to submit a payout request without submitting an invoice file.

5. Once a payout request has been submitted, you will see a confirmation message to confirm that the payout request was transmitted successfully. A new row will also appear in your vendor transactions list confirming the request for payout.

Once we have approved the payout request, the earning balance at the bottom of the Vendor transactions page will be updated to show the payout. You will receive the funds through your PayPal account.

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